Thursday, 30 July 2009

The ONE for right now.

The ONE is such a scary word, but do you really think you have found the one for forever?
You get past the 3 month trouble and then the 6 month trouble and before you know it your second anniversary is right around the corner and suddenly the scary things start pouring out of yours and your partners mouth.
"Do you see yourself marrying me?"
"Do you want to marry me?"
"Where do you see us in a few years time?"
This isn't what I'm used to but I found myself saying;
"Yes I do want to marry you."
"I see us married with our own house etc etc."
Then he really gets serious and believes you want to marry him and spend the rest of your life with him, tells his sister and next thing you know she is on the phone to you.
I quote "You may think you are the one, but you are not the one forever, you are the one for right now. He is just settling for you untill someone better comes along, so don't get your hopes up, it will all fall through."
So then you are left alone in your flat with your friends drinking two bottles of wine mumbling shite untill your friends realise they can't control your insane outburts and call in your lovely boyfriend to check you are still sane. He then mumbles all this rubbish about how perfect you are, you will be together untill you are old wrinkly and smell and then you will die together.
He leaves and next thing you know you wake up next to the toilet with nothing but a horrible hangover and vomit breath to show for it.
Oh the trouble of being the ONE, I'd like to think it isn't only me who goes into an alcoholic frenzy at the mention of the word.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Family and the like.

Family and the like.
Is it me or is it true that with age your relationships with the rents seem to get worse? Take me back to the good ol' days of going to the park after dinner for a full half an hour then racing your parents back home before it gets too dark.Lucky for me I never really grew up with a father figure in my life, my mother was very good at the string of failing relationships, that has somehow seemed to have afflicted itself on me in my adulthood. But I remember the grumpy boyfriend, always blamed things on you or your younger sibling, apparently i quote "He couldn't figure out if i was trying to annoy him with my constant partying." aswell as "How long have you got left in the sixth form, I just cannot wait to leave this town with your mother and move to Devon. Thank god you will be at University, so you will have hopefully grown up by then."Always trying to make jabs at the way I live my life, bloodey marvellous.And when your mother tells you that the puppy she bought you for christmas is no longer your as you "just don't seem to care about it anymore." it really pisses me off.Why do parents set up these silly rules? Is it so they can see their children suffer throughout their childhood. All I bloodey remember about my teens would be the embarrasment to bring a guy home with me, just for the evening or so, and have my mum slowly lingering in the corner as if to keep and eye on me and then make the whole situation very awkward.I guess I will have to understand one day if I want to have children, god forbid if that day ever comes, but untill then I guess I just have to continously take the stick from my parents about the way i decided to live my life, and if they don't like it?STUFF THEM.

James Anderson (actor) Vs Duncan Pow (actor)

Bit of a fan of good old Holby City (Only the brittish I imagine would have an understanding of what I am chatting about.)
A new actor has recently arrived on the show, James Anderson.
Is he a brilliant actor, or does he lack that certain something that draws you into him. I'm not going to lie, James Anderson (Oliver Valentine) is an awfully dashing young fellow, and I'm sure many mums who watch the show would also agree, but what about the young audience, like myself, the 20 year olds, sat in on a tuesday night, in our student accomodation, completely skint with freeview to keep us company.
Myself and my flat mates question, Valentine Vs Cullen.
Linden Cullen, a broody, scottish, handsome, very relgious consultant or Oliver Valentine a young, handsome, cheeky, house officer?
This chatter always reignites everytime we flick onto our tuesday night digest of the hospital drama and everyone we time we come out undecided.
Valentine or Cullen?
It's always going to be a toughy, I think I will just take both.